Door Glass Plastic Poly Frame Replacement Kits

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All Sizes, Shapes, Designs - Retro Fit Entry Door, Patio Door, French Door Replacement Glass Frame Kits. Plastic glass frames for older model doors become cracked and warped, faded from age and years in the sun and damaged by UV light. Improving the look and curb appeal .. securing the glass .. and not having to buy an expensive new door. More durable and heat resistant these days and made from high performance new age plastics and polymers that can be painted, stained, or left pure white - improving the look of your door .. and your home. Our kits replace the original frames on many old doors. Many styles, shapes and sizes - Full Lite 24" x 66" Frame Kits, Full Lite 15 Grid Frame Kit for 1/2" Glass, Sidelite Kits, Half Lite Kits, Half Sidelite, Door Fanlite Kits, 5 Lite Glass and Frame Kits, Clear 9 Lite Glass and Frame Kits, 3 Lite, Clear 1 Lite, 9 Panel Lite, Round Tops, 3/4 Lite, 3/4 Sidelite, Full Lite, French Door Kits, Small, Medium and Large Ovals, 4 Lite, 6 Lite, Extra Wide Sidelites and More.    


How to Measure Door Glass Width and Height for Replacement Frames                   How to Measure Door Glass Thickness for Replacement Frames

  • Measure the outside length X width of existing frame (see picture above).  
  • Measure the overall thickness of your insulated glass door insert.  
  • Normally the old glass will measure 1/2", 3/4" or a full 1" O.D. Thickness.
  • NOTE:  If your glass is 3/4" O.D. you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued.