BiltBest Window Weatherstrip - Casement, Vertical Frame

BiltBest WindowᅠWeather Strip Parts ᅠ- Casement Frame Vertical*
* Bilt-Best Wood and Clad Casement Frame Vertical Type Weather Seals, #RFR9, window jamb offset style weatherstrip.ᅠUtilized on manyᅠmodels andᅠstyles.ᅠInstalls into narrowᅠKerf Track - Flexible bulb acts as a mechanical seal with little resistance between sash and frame.ᅠPrimarily used on Biltbest 1980 thru 1999 and later.ᅠBeige / Tan Color
NOTE: Not Normally Used On Window Horizontals seeᅠCasement Sill & Head RFR8);ᅠ



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