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Tutorial for Online Parts Research

Oldach Bilt-Best Marvin Pella Peachtree Truth EntryGard

BiltBest Casement Sash Frame How To Remove Glass

Part 1 WeFixItUSA BiltBest Oldach Window Sash Repair DIY How To Fix Clad Sash



If you need parts id help for -
(1) out of production products ..
(2) obsolete window or door parts .. or
(3) if you simply do not know how to properly describe the issue, problem, product nomenclature, or where or how to begin the process .. we can start by looking at your digital photos.

STEP 1 - go to REQUEST QUOTE and complete all items as indicated on our quote request form. You can upload your digital pictures here.

i-Phones / Androids / Cell Phone Pictures: if using your iPhone, Camara Phone or Android be sure to add contact info and simply take your photo and email directly to:
REMEMBER: place a ruler / tape measure for some sort of size reference of items if possible.
PARTS IDENTIFICATION ASSISTANCE - From Your Actual Parts - you can send us a sample of your old part or old weather strip. We promise to do our best to earn your business! If you want your old part returned you must specify, otherwise old parts are discarded after 30 days. The more information you can supply, the better the chances are of finding your parts.

Send All Parts To:    WeFixItUSA / Doors Windows Group
Attn: C J Krzywonski / Owner
5030 Platinum Drive ( FedEx or UPS )
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

1) Age: try to let us know the age of your Windows or Doors - usually the year the house was built. Sometimes you will find a "stamping" in the hardware part itself or other numbers, letters, or a combination of the two.

2) Type: There are several different types of windows and doors - casement, awning, double hung etc. - NOT SURE - SEND A PICTURE or Sketch.

3) Glass Size: Glass size, along with the age and type of window or door, allows us to determine the model number of your window and door. Glass size is obtained by measuring the visual glass size from the inside of your home, width then the height, of your window or door. Measure just the amount of glass you can see. ( please also submit photos online )

4) Handing: tells us if your windows or doors are left hand or right hand. If not sure - send a photo.

5) Color: may seem a moot point - however some window parts are available in about 20 different colors. ( a picture helps )

6) Need More Help: Email "BigDaddy" directly -


Customer Supplied Sample Policies / Sample Return Policy / Return Authorizations ( RA)

All customer supplied or "sent in" samples must have a pre-paid item mailer label and / or otherwise include sufficient funds for USPS Priority Mailing or FedEx Ground Shipping in order for us to return any sample or samples as may be supplied to us by the customer. Customer must include a written request in order for us to return any item supplied to us for identification purposes ( We do not normally return old samples );

All Special Orders, Custom Orders etc. are non returnable and non-refundable unless the Item You ordered is Not the Item You Received. In this case we will replace and correct all errors at our expense;

Any wrong shipments or returns - Must Be Returned Within 7 Working Days (A.R.O.) after reciept of order delivery. We have limited amount of days to process a return to a supplier for credit. Thanks for your understanding.

All orders placed as a result of our item identification and item id research or Item verification are to be considered as a special order item.

ALL RETURNS MUST HAVE AN RA# (Return Authorization) and there are no exceptions; Please understand we are not mind readers and we are not responsible for any returns without an RA# on the address label and / or a note on inside of return box with parts or original packing slip etc. Items must be returned to Specified Facility Address for RA# Acceptance and proper credit or reshipments; Items need to be in original packaging for returns - We have limited amount of days to process a return to a supplier for credit. Thanks for your understanding.
Special Discounts / Volume Discounts / Wholesale Lots

Organizations, HOA'S, Volume Discount Buying Programs, Bulk Pricing Buyers, National Accounts Managers, Business Accounts, Purchasing Managers, Buyers, Purchasing Agents, Overseas Brokers, Government Agencies, Federal Agencies, Federal Acquisitions, Public Building Services, State and City Governments, Small Business Utilization Services, General Services Administration (GSA) etc. make up a key component of the supply chain. They buy the goods and services the company or institution needs to either resell to customers or for the establishment's own use. Wholesale and retail buyers may purchase goods for resale. Send Us Your Requirements, Bid Specifications, RFQ's etc. -