Sill Components Milled Parts - Biltbest Window Repair Replacement Restoration Parts Upgrade 60"

Biltbest "Original" Window Repair and Upgrade Parts - replacement sill component milled OEM parts - SILL, Old Style  60" Length**
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 A window sill (sometimes stylized as window sill, or even window-sill) is the surface cross piece at the bottom of a window, or the lowest form part of a window casement. Windowsills hold pieces of the window frame in place and normally slope toward the outside in order for water to drain off. (2) The horizontal piece below a window unit in masonry or stone construction or wood framing. The window sill of the window frame sits on the window sill of the wall opening. (3) The lower interior trim work on a window.
** Prices of milled goods are subject to change on a regular basis