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If you have old seal rite windows and have issues, need weather strip parts, casement operators - we are here to help with Seal-Rite Windows .. Seal Rite Windows Inc. had "knocked off the Original Oldach Windows and they are now out of business. Seal Rite Windows was based in Lincoln, Nebraska and established in 1976. In the 80’s and 90’s Seal Rite Windows copied the Oldach window as a less expensive window than its major competitors like Pella, Andersen, Marvin and others. 
Problems, Issues, Flaws and other things included .. the window did not come primed or finished from the factory... and over time the elements would start rotting the sash from the underside. The second big mistake... they used the least expensive glass available - causing pre-mature seal break down and condensation between the panes .. and also they cut corners by not applying sealant on the exterior side of the window between the glass and the cladding on a clad unit, or between the glass and wood on a wood unit. This allowed the elements to pre-maturely result in the sash either rotting or enabling the seal to break on the insulated glass unit especially during cold, wet winters. 
We are the nations leading sash repair and replacement company for Oldach, Outlook and Seal-Rite parts, hardware and other components - WE CAN HELP!  We can sell replacement parts, fabricate any part of a wood sash for SealRite and other wood window brands like: - Caradco, Shelter, Old Anderson, Pella and Marvin - to name a few.