Sash Lock and Keeper for Marvin Glider Window ( Horizontal Slider )

One Complete Set - Sash Lock and Keeper Includes: One (1) Sash Lock for Glider / Sliding / Slider Window Unit XO / OX ( if not specified XO will be shipped )
XO TP ( Taupe ) 10817045 / OX (TP) 10817046 / Keeper (TP) 10817047
XO BZ ( Bronze ) 10817040 / OX (BZ)  10817041 / Keeper (BZ) 10817043
XO WH ( White ) 10840013 / OX (WH) 10840024 / (WH) Keeper 10840014
(BS) available in XO package only*  Phillips flathead wood screws included.
Horizontal Sliding Windows: To determine whether you require an XO or OX window simply view the window from the exterior of your home. If you want the sliding panel to be the one on your left choose XO and if the operable is to be on the right choose OX. When ordering replacement parts for Marvin Wood / Clad Glider Windows, please try to specify as much information as possible such as type of unit, part numbers and description.