Replacement Hardware Home: Truth EntryGard Hardware [Part 41131]

Window Sash Lock and Keeper - Truth Hardware sells directly to window and door manufacturers like Marvin,ᅠbut we also make our products available to homeowners and small manufacturers through our online sources.ᅠTilt-OutᅠDouble Hungᅠ/ Single Hung Windows. Replacemnent Parts for the Old Truth orᅠ EntryGard Part # 41131 - Marked CAV1 Cav2 Cav3 CAV4 CAV5 CAV6 CAV7 and CAV8 PN 41131.

STANDARD COLORS andᅠ FINISHES at this price include:ᅠTaupe, White and Bronze
( Specify Finish Color In Comments at Checkout )ᅠ