Professional Installation Cutting Tool Glazing Bead Weather Strip [weatherstripping] Snap in Bead Push In Glazing Bead

Hand-Held, PRO CUTTING TOOL for window glazing bead and weather strip.ᅠ

Simply the bestᅠmanual cutting tool for all kinds and allᅠbrands of plastic window bead, PVC bead, CPVC Beads, vinyl window beading and all brands of weather strip -ᅠfast and simple cuts at any degree you wish to set and adjust to .. this unit will make a professional out of the DIY Homeowner .. or any PRO a more precise technician. Always get a precision straight or miter cuts .. everytime. Unit has a simple adjustable guide block - BUT PLEASE -- Not for Cutting Metal Products.. YOUR ORDER comes with One (1) Model C2-MC-BENᅠ and One (1) Package ofᅠ Adjustable Cutter Tool Replacement Blades (5 / Pk )