Pella Window Casement Awning Roof Windows Skylights | Remote Control | Sentry 2 WLS

Specifically For Pella Style Windows- Automatically or remotely control your Pella Casement Windows, Awning Windows, Roof Windows, Skylights - with the Sentry II WLS (for Pella Windows). This sleek design and quiet motor are engineered into this digitally motorized system. The Sentry II WLS [window & Skylights] system retrofits casement or awning windows formerly operated by Pella hand crank operators. Individual power units drive existing window hardware so you’ll have an easy, automatic system to control your windows and skylights. Now closing and locking will all be at the touch of a button.

Low profile design and quiet running.

No special preparation is required

Suitable for on-site after-market installation on new or existing windows.

Direct 110 VAC hookup and Easy to install and Eliminates the need to hide transformer and wiring

Remote control - Controls both window and skylight motors and powered blinds

Built-in thermostat (in remote)- Helps to maintain a comfortable environment inside the home

Built-in blind control - Eliminates the need for separate blind controls and Compatible with most 24 VDC blind systems

Rain sensor is standard for each unit - Protects the home from weather damage and allows each window to respond independently

Corrosion resistant sensor decreases maintenance and cleaning requirements and extends service life

Note: The Sentry power window system is intended to fit onto casement, awning and skylight hardware manufactured by Pella only.