Old Style Casement Operator Replacements - Thru Sill Stop

BiltBest Old Model Style Casement Operator Replacement Part #RF-15
This New OEM New Model Biltbest Casement Operator - THIS REPLACES THE OLD STYLE UNITS ( Old Style P234 P233 ) .. these install under/thru the wooden Sill Stop ( Removable Wood Bottom Sill Piece ) These Special Order Units - as shown in pictures.
Specify LEFT handed or RIGHT handed at checkout - DETERMINE AS FOLLOWS: looking at the window from the inside - if the lock or sash locking handle is on the left, a left handed operator is needed. If the lock or lock handle is on the right, a right handed operator is needed. 
If You Need The  Wooden Sill Stop Cover Part, Handles or Covers ( all sold separately )