OEM BiltBest Casement Awning Windows Weather Strip Combo Pack

OEM BiltBest Casement Window Replacement Weather Strip Combo Package - all three types of seals you'll need. 
All You need For One (1) Bilt-Best Casement or Awning Window. Includes 20' of the casement "sash leaf seals" ..  Six (6) Linel Feet of the HORIZONTAL Bulb Frame Seal .. and Ten (10) Lineal Feet of the Vertical Frame Offset Bulb Kerf Seals. This is enough to do one (1) 32" W x 72" H Casement Unit ( or several small ones ) - made specifically for use with BiltBest casement window sash frames. Don't use cheap substitutes.
Are your Biltbest Windows 7+ Years of age or older? If so, then you should consider replacement of this weather strip seal to seal out cold air. The effectiveness and breakdown of this leaf-type seal is very important. It's not how they "look" .. it's how they function. This is the number one most overlooked homeowner maintenance. Undestanding the term "built-in memory" ( see RFQ'S ) will better explain why. Easy homeowner removal and replacement. Sold in 10' lengths and priced per length. Bulk Quantity Pricing Available - email Info@BiltBestWindowParts.com .