Marvin Window Hinged Leaf Weather Strip, 15818400, Parting Stop V245, Color: White 84" Length

84" Lengths - REPLACEMENT WEATHER STRIP / Sealsᅠ.. When viewing replacement weather strip please understand that the illustrations may not be to scale, however the "basic profile" is correct, and parts ordered will work.ᅠWHITE COLOR - if you want Beige, find elsewhere on this site.

We also have all your Marvin Bulb Style Weather Strip for Bottom Rails, V192, 15900058, Dual Seal Weather Strip, Check Rail V116, 15828400, Hinged Leaf Weather Strip, Parting Stop V245 ( as shown in this listing ) 15818400, Pile Weather Strip (Dust Fuzzy), Jamb Hardware, 10600000, Pile Weather Strip, Top Blind Stop and Sash Stiles, M 730, 15607560 and many others.

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