Marvin Old Style Casement Roto-Gear Operator 10815500 LH | Regular 4 7/16" Link Unit

Marvin Casemaster, Awning, French Casemaster, Venting Window / Left Handing Unit - LH -10815500ᅠMechanism. Also known as the Marvin Casement Window Dual Arm Roto-Gear Operator | STR OT-P83 LH / OT-P84 RH Dual Arm Roto?gear Operator, CN 20 and over; Daylight opening width 14 1/2 (368) and over; May also be number stamped as a P233 P234 unit in some applications.ᅠ

NOTE:ᅠ LINK ARM "length" is important. SEE DIMENSION "A"ᅠ= 5 11/64"ᅠᅠ(ᅠ4 7/16" Arm Length ) - If you have the "Short Arm" - for an Egress Window withᅠDim B = 2 29/32ᅠPlease Specify at "comments section" during checkout. If none specified we will ship longer arm, Left Handed Model.

HANDING DETERMINATION:ᅠPlease Order Correctly as these are non returnable. HANDING DETERMINED AS FOLLOWS: as you are looking at the window from the inside, and the "sash locking mechanism or sash lock handle"ᅠis on the left side of the window sash,ᅠa left handed operator is needed. If yourᅠsash lock or lock handle is on the right side ᅠ-ᅠthe unit specified as a right handed.ᅠᅠᅠᅠ

If You Need Help? .. send some pictures -ᅠᅠᅠᅠ