Marvin Integrity Inswing French Door Hardware - Multi-Point Locking Parts Updates Changes

MARVIN FRENCH DOOR HARDWARE CHANGES - Beginning March 26, 2007, all Integrity Inswing French Door (IIFD) units will have new handle sets and new Stainless Steel multi-points. These handle sets and multi points will retro fit onto existing IIFD units in the field with the following rules.
NOTE:   New secondary handle sets will not work with the old IIFD multipoints. A new multipoint must be installed using the attached instructions. Old multi-points and handle sets will be available for FSO while quantities last. When inventory is depleted new multipoints and handle sets must be used.
Points to remember.

New multipoints will work with both new and old handle sets.

The new primary handle set will work with both new and old multipoints.

The new secondary handle set will ONLY work with the new multipoint