Integrity Wood Ultrex Parts Casement Awning Operator Handle Cover 10898237

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FOLDING HANDLE / COVER - specify color LH / AF Almond Frost 10898236, R/H Almond Frost 10898235, L/H WHITE 10898238, R/H Right Hand, WHITE 10898237ᅠ

Integrity Parts ICA 02,ᅠMarvin Windows and Doors Parts Help and ID for:ᅠsequential locks, dual arm operators,ᅠfolding handles and covers,ᅠINTEGRITY WOOD-ULTREX CASEMENT / AWNING Units,ᅠIntegrity Parts IFAWN 16,ᅠ11708407,ᅠFolding Handles / Covers, Almond Frost,ᅠ11896715,ᅠFolding Handle/Cover,ᅠFolding handle with removable snap fit covers in White orᅠAlmond Frost,ᅠLH,ᅠ11896716,ᅠ11896715,ᅠCASEMENT / AWNING. HARDWARE,ᅠ 39232741,ᅠ39232749,ᅠ39232757,ᅠ39232773,ᅠW7014 Hardware Covers andᅠOperators,ᅠ10898237.ᅠ