Dual Pull Awning Window Operator Sill Mounted Center Crank Handle - All Finishes

NEW STYLE REPLACEMENT - 29-120-1 ( Bronze ), 29-120-2 ( Gold ) and the 29-120-3 ( White ) - Please specify color / finish during checkout in the "comments" section.
Hardware for awning windows consists of two main components - the operator and the hinge system. Both of these items must be properly matched to insure optimum efficiency. When choosing the operator for an awning window, remember that effective performance cannot be achieved if the angle of sash opening exceeds 45° and a smaller degree of opening will improve operation proportionately.
The awning hinges are concealed hinges which give a smooth looking unit and provide improved tamper resistance and security; The hinge is designed so the sash drops down as it opens. The bottom edge of the sash remains in approximately the same plane as the window sill. This "drop" prevents undue upward bending of the operator arms. • Use of a large or long extension operator on a short sash height can cause undue stress to the operator arms. This is caused by the operator’s inability to keep up with the quick rotation of a short sash. Proper sizing of the hinge will allow the window to counter-balance and make the opening and closing easier and without chatter. If the hinge is too small, the weight of the sash is concentrated "outside" the support arm and the window tends to "fall" closed. This causes chatter or bouncing when a crank operator is applied. (See the hinge table for proper sizing information -
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