Double Hung Window Bulb Weatherstrip BiltBest

BiltBest Window Parts for Double Hung Windows - Meeting Rail / Bulb Weatherstrip
Double Hung Meeting Rail Bulb Weatherstrip Priced per foot, min 5' up to 25' - OEM window part -ᅠWindow Sash Stile and FrameᅠSpecial Purpose Bulb Seal Weatherstripping. ᅠ#RF-33 for Bilt-Best Double Hung Windows. Primary use at "meeting rail" component stiles.ᅠThis OEM StyleᅠWeatherstripᅠis made specifcally to seal air leaks between the rails.ᅠPLEASE NOTE: if your Biltbest Windows and Doors are 7+ Years of age, then you should consider replacement of weather strips and seals. Cold, heat and ultra-violet light affect the effectiveness and breakdown of this type of seal. Remember, it's not how they "look" .. it's how they function - and most homeowners do not understand what is referred to as "built-in memory" ( see RFQ'S ) .