Deer Blind Hunting Stand Deluxe Flip Open Fully Framed Aluminum Flip Style Window

These are a "deluxe model" .. FULL FRAME .. hinged, flip open | flip side to side - this fully framed exterior mounted hinge style operating window. Exterior mounting seals and closes the complete rough opening and protects from the elements, unwanted wasps and bugs, other pests etc. etc. The Hinge Window is fully operable from the interior of deer blind or hunting stand .. and offers you the best in quietness and ease of operations.
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Window Mounting - to swing up and out of the way OR swing left  OR right  .. to allow for a vertical opening for archery, bow or crossbow hunting.

Deluxe hinge system can be mounted onto any wall thickness up to Two (2) inches.

Incorporates a 3/4" flange ( comes pre-drilled ) for mounting. 

Weep Holes for proper water run-off and drainage.

Inner main frame of window is standard with a pile weather strip that will meet flush with the felt weather-stripping of the hinge window when in the closed position for a complete seal.

Deluxe Hinge Window Standard Sizes - 12" x 12" , 24" x 12" , 36" x 12" , 48" x 12" and  60" x 12"
Deluxe Hinge Window Custom Sizing -  16" x 12" , 30" x 12" , 42" x 12" , 54" x 12" and  66" x 12"
ROUGH OPENINGS? .. What to cut your rough opening? .. We recommend cutting the window opening 1/4″ larger on the height and 1/4″ larger on the width for each desired window size. EXAMPLE: for a 12" x 12"  Deluxe Hinged Flip Open Window -- a rough opening of 12 1/4"  x 12 1/4"  - NOTE: We can do custom sizes to fit any pre-existing blind rough openings. We will need your inside dimensions of each unit rough opening. Additional window options: Clear or Tinted Gray Glass