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Spring-loaded and strong, 28 Series Custodial Locks provide tamper-resistant lock up. Rotating the key 90 degrees locks or unlocks the sash. A slot in the housing requires a special key to operate the lock. One end of the key is removable in both the locked and unlocked positions; the other end—only in the locked position allowing the key to act as a handle when operating the vent. 28 Series Custodial Locks can withstand up to 300 lbs. of forced entry per locking point. Ultimate Double Hung Sash Locks / Custodial Sash Locks /  replacement UDH sash locks, including custodial sash locks. Custodial - Vent Locks 32-256 - 32-256. ... $33.90. HANDLELESS HANDLE - White Bronze Finish Use with 900-218 Key, Sweep & Sash Locks