Coastal ( Stainless ) Hinge Pair, Complete, CN 16, CN 20, CN 24, CN 32, CN 36 11873205

Coastal ( Stainless ) Window Parts - Hinge Pair, Complete, CN 16, CN 20, CN 24, CN 32, CN 36ᅠ[11873205]ᅠfor Marvin CN 16, CN 20, CN 24, CN 32, CN 36 Includes:
2 ? Hinge tracks
LL?UR ? 10814862
UL?LR ? 10814863
2 ? Hinge arm assemblies
LL?UR ? 10814864
UL?LR ? 10814865
6 ? #7x5/8 Phillips flat head screws (11800736)
8 ? #8x1 Phillips flat head screws (11800896
Corrosion factors are impacted largely by the application and environmental exposure. Application of hardware using incompatible materials can and will elevate the opportunity of galvanic reaction within the assembly and therefore reduce the corrosion resistance of the hardware and cause failure pre-maturely. Standard warranty does not cover corrosion; however, in the selection of your window hardware, we recommend that you consider your environmental conditions, saltwater / air areas, conditions prevalent in city/industrial areas and coastal areas will require hardware that is manufactured from more corrosive resistant materials than standard hardware. Other issues affecting long-term finishes include: paint removers, brick washes, window cleaners, siding or vinyl cleaners, chlorine based cleaners, etc. Proper selection and application of the hardware is critical to ensure hardware and window and door performance. Hardware selection is even more important for coastal applications, as this is an aggressive environment for such application. A coastal location is defined as any area which is within 4 miles of water affected by ocean tide.