CAV4 PN 41131 CAV 8 CAV 7 Window Sash Lock - SATIN TAUPE

Window Sash Lock and Keeper for Tilt-Out Double Hung Windows. SATIN TAUPE FINISH - Replacemnent Parts Old Truth / EntryGard Part 41131 - CAV4 CAV5 CAV6 CAV7 and CAV8 PN 41131
These old Truth hardware parts, CAV4 PN 41131 CAV 8 BRONZE CAV 7 Window Sash Lock are for older model double hung and single hung windows, manufactured around 1998 and later. Also for some units prior to 1998 and may also match up well for oyher "tilt-out" and other obsolete double hung and single hung units. Other parts available include the Clutch Pivots, Other finish Sash Locks and Keepers ( Non-Tilt Type ), STANDARD COLORS and  FINISHES at this price include: Taupe, White and Bronze ( Specify In Comments ) 
Special Order parts also include: Satin Taupe, Antique Brass, White, Satin Chrome, ORB ( Oil Rubbed Bronze), ORBZ PVB, Satin Nickel PVD, Dark Bronze and Polished Chrome11869288 11869287 11869286, BS AB SC SN ORBZ PC Finishes. 10500669 10500668 10500662 10500783 10500789 10500784 10500788 10500787 10500785; Custodial Types Sash Locks and Keepers also available with "tamper resistant screws"  TP BZ WH 10500544 10500545 10500546 10500676 10500674 10500670 10500793 10500799 10500794 10500798 10500797 10500795