Casement Window Assembly RH Roto-Gear Unit and Folding Handle & Cover - White | Fits Marvin Casemaster and Others

CaseMaster CasementᅠWindow Parts -ᅠRight HandedᅠOperator Assembly ( Opposite of Shown ) -ᅠDual Arm Roto-Gear,ᅠWith ( WHITE) Folding Handle and Cover.ᅠᅠ

DETERMINE "handing" AS FOLLOWS: looking at the window from the inside - if the "sash lock" or "window lock handle" is on the left -ᅠa left handed operator is needed. If the lock or lock handle is on the right, a right handed operator is needed and it is listed .ᅠᅠ
OtherᅠFolding Handles Available in Satin Taupe, Bronze, TP, 10898282, BZ 10898302, WH, 10898292,ᅠFolding Handle Covers Available In Satin Taupe, TP, 10898281, Bronze,ᅠBZ 10898301, and White,ᅠ10898291. Other Associated Parts Numbers May Include: 10815508, 10815509, 10815510, 10815511, 10815512, 10815513, 11869391, 11869392, 10815500, 10815501,ᅠ10150032,ᅠV795, 15646068, [Marvin Part} 15646069, 10830087, 10830098, 10150032, 10150010, 10140012, 05590100, 10820000, 05550411, 10820001, 10820002, [Marvin Weather Strip] W7286, W7270, W7532, W7508, W7280, W7274, W7278, W7282, W7279, W7276, W7296, W7003, W1097, W1098, W7292, W7507, W750, V365, V310