Casement Operator and Cover and Folding Handle - Face Mount Old Style, Handed

Casement Window Parts - Old CasemasterᅠOperator Cover withᅠFolding Handle - Does Not Fit All Models - For INTEGRITY WOOD?ULTREX INSERT CASEMENT SINGLE ARM
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OEM Style Casement Operator Cover withᅠFolding Handleᅠavailable in 3 colors - White, Gold or dark Bronze.ᅠPlease Specify Color and Handing at Checkout. Specify whether a left handed or right handed casement operator is needed. To determine handing: looking at the window from the inside, if the casement window sash lock or sash locking handle is on the left, a left handed operator and LEFT HANDED COVER AND HANDLE areᅠ needed. If the lock or lock handle is on the right, a right handed operator is needed.