Carradco Old Style Casement Operator | 1980's 1990's | Crank Roto Gear | Old Style Crank Unit RIGHT HANDED

Carradco Old Style Casement Operator | 1980's 1990's Replacement Part Model # CRRF-15 - Right Handed ( see picture )
This is the new OEM replacement model for the OLD STYLE CARRADCO CASEMENT ( not Awning ) OPERATOR used for many years. IT REPLACES THE OLD STYLE UNITS THAT INSTALL UNDER THE SILL STOP ( please see pictures ) These are Special Order Units - and as such are non-returnable, so please be sure of the "handing" ( look at pictures ) Normally these are used with the removable or hidden sill stop. Handles and Covers are Sold Seperately.
LEFT HANDED UNIT:  DETERMINED AS FOLLOWS: as you are looking at the window from the inside, and the "sash locking mechanism or handle" is on the left side of the window sash, a left handed operator is needed. If your sash lock or lock handle is on the right - see the unit specified as a right handed unit here:   
If You are NOT SURE? .. Send Pictures In Email: .