BiltBest Casement Window Sash Weather Strip Leaf Seal 10'

OEM BiltBest Window Replacement Weatherstripping Part - Casement Sash Leaf Seals.
Casement Sash Leaf Seals - made for use with BiltBest casement window sash frames. Installed at perimeter of sash frame. Don't use cheap substitutes - This OEM Style Bilt-Best Casement Sash Style Weatherstrip is made specifcally to seal air leaks around the movable window sash frame; 
Are your Biltbest Windows 7+ Years of age or older? If so, then you should consider replacement of this weather strip seal to seal out cold air. The effectiveness and breakdown of this leaf-type seal is very important. It's not how they "look" .. it's how they function. This is the number one most overlooked homeowner maintenance. Undestanding the term "built-in memory" ( see RFQ'S ) will better explain why. Easy homeowner removal and replacement. Sold in 10' lengths and priced per length. Bulk Quantity Pricing Available - email .