Awning Window Parts RL-P68 Operator Assembly 28.75" Width

Truth Window Hardware Parts - Entrygard Awning Window Part | Number: RL-168 OPERATOR ASSEMBLY, 28.75" Overall Width; No shoe studs, or guide bar included;  
Other associated stamping numbers, parts stampings included: 11.43  11.42 Awning Operator Stamping Numbers, 31545, 31546, 45002, 40008, P 233 DC P 234 DC,  P233DC, P234DC, 20755, 31230, 40887, 40941, 40942, 31538, 31539, 30841, 30842, 30472, 30470, 20810, 20544, 20755, Wi1515, 20748, 30636, 30637, 20544, 31368, 20810, 45275, Truth Entrygard Part Stamping 31545 .. remember that the Stamping Numbers on Door & Window Hardware Parts is for many reasons, architectural id of parts, special shape designators, custom shapes, special sizes, stainless steel, galvanized - many different things but not the actual part identification. Number stampings on casement and awning window operators, hinges, operator tracks, brackets, snubbers, and many other special stamping numbers were used to identify a proprietary part for a supplier of windows like: ACADIA, ACORN, ALENCO, ANDERSEN, ANDERSON , BENCHMARK, BETTER-BILT, BiltBest, CERTAINTEED COLUMBIA, CRAFTLINE, CRESTLINE, CROSSLY, KRESTMARK, LOUISIANA PACIFIC, MARVIN, METAL INDUSTRIES, MILCO, MILGARD, NATIONAL, NORANDEX, OLDACH, Oldach, Oldak, Outlook, PEACHTREE, PELLA, SLIMFOLD, STANLEY, THERMALGARD, WEATHERCRAFT, WENCO, DAVIS, SEALMASTER, SEASONALL, SEASONSHEILD, SILVERLINE, SLIMFOLD, SLOCOMB, SNE, STANLEY, STATEWIDE, ALUMINUM, STEPHEN, LAURIE, STORM, WEATHER, SUGAR, CREEK, SURVIVOR, SUPER, SEAL, SWS, INDUSTRIES, THERMALGARD, TRACO-THREE, RIVERS, UNIQUE, UNI, SEAL, VAMPCO, VBP, VEKA, VINYL, BUILDING, PROD., VINYLINE, WAUSAU, WINDOW, COMPONENTS, MFG., (WCM), WEATHERCRAFT, WEATHER, MASTER, WEATHER, SHIELD, WENCO, WEST-WINDOW, WIDING, WINDORLOC, WIN-DOOR PRODUCTS