48' Aluminum Channel Package - Deer Stand Blind Window DIY

Aluminum Deer- Blind Slider Window Channel Track, 48' , single channel for sliding windows for 1/8" Thickness Plexiglass ( Lexan ) 
Forty-Eight ( 48' )  Lineal Feet - Cut in Six Foot Pieces ( 72" L) - so a total of FORTY-EIGHT (48) LINEAL FEET. Used as an "upper" and "lower" window track system for inserting two pieces of 1/8" Thickness Plexiglass or Lexan ( not included ) and creating a "by-pass" in a single channel. For instance for a 36" W window you would use two (2) pieces of 1/8" plexi about 22" W .. so you will have an overlap in center and simply slide left ot right. 
Easy Installation .. anyone can install these window-tracks, insert self adhesive pile strips for quiet easy sliding of plexiglass windows or set inside and outside traxx for sliding screens as well if you like. Aluminum will last for many years and never rust. Channel is rigid aluminum extrusions - for retrofitting any existing deer blinds or stands, or completing a new one. Special Order and Special Cut Product - Non Returnable.