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360° Shooting Visability Hunting Blinds - for the individualist .. maybe a nonconformist .. the hunting type of free spirit or unorthodox hunter who goes out earlier than the rest .. and comes in from the field later than others do. BigDaddy was a lot like tht - original in ideas and a bit of a rebel .. now there's a blind to fit your personality. Prices starting at $ 988.88 INCLUDING SHIPPING.
Email: BigDaddy@HuntSports.com 
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Loaded with features, advatages and benefits! The "Six-Shooter" Blind is clearly a turnkey choice!
Fully Enclosed 5' 6" and 6' 6" diameter custom hard hunting blinds
ROOMY - 6’ 3” interior height
WEIGHTS - 105 lbs (5' 6") or 130 lbs (6' 6")
6' 6" diameter 75" high Weighs only 125 lbs.
True 360° shooting for gun and bow hunters
9 Plexiglass windows (5 - 10"x22" & 4 - 10"x18") shootable for bow and gun
Options for Clear, Tinted and Blackout Plexiglass Windows
30” x 44” door with Slide Lock seal
All hardware included
NO RAIN 2” overhang at 2-piece connection
Extremely durable Paintable UV stabilized
2” bottom flange base to stake or mount to platform
Available in black or green finish
Optional "trap door" configuration
Made in the USA